Adam Avery
designed for ROMAID: Il Tram

I am  from a small village in Suffolk, U.K called Lakenheath, but currently reside in Norwich, a slightly larger city in the neighbouring county of Norfolk. The city has a liberal minded and creative community, nice cafe’s and even a castle! And that’s pretty much all I think anyone needs.

I planned to pursue a career in Graphic Design at University, but quickly realised the amount of rules and boundaries left me feeling very restricted and I transferred, sort of by default, into Illustration. I was soon delighted to find out that 90% of what I thought was graphic design, was actually graphic image making and fell under the bracket of illustration – A happy accident!

Some of the greatest stories ever told originated in Rome, as an illustrator it is sort of a holy grail to be asked to create work based on a city of such rich history, and also a city which is still evolving and writing it’s future day by day.

When I was approached with the brief a key point I feel was to portray the real Rome, as it’s inhabitants see it. Not just the tourism side of the city. I think we all know that when you wish to see a varied representation of a cities culture and people, you’ll find all there is to see on public transport!

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