For more than twenty years I’ve been combining poetry with various forms of art, ranging from street art to music, from calligraphy to performance, but always keeping a fundamental connection with street poetry. I’ve painted my verses on the walls and the shutters of many different Italian cities, Rome, Milan, Genoa, La Spezia, Bologna and […]


I was born in Rome and I’ve always lived here. Since I have memory, I’ve always found drawing fascinating. Despite that it has never been a profession for me and I’ve never really wished it was, the pure and simple act of drawing has always been my biggest passion (and obsession!). My technique is quite […]


I was born in Rome, where I currently work as an illustrator. I’ve started my education in the field of product design and later graduated at the Urbino Higher Institute for Artistic Industries. Here, with some of my colleagues, I’ve founded the self-published magazine PELO. Then, in 2015, I’ve created the Tothem Tour, a travelling […]


Lucamaleonte was born in Rome in 1983, where he still currently lives and works. He graduated from the High Institute for Conservation and Restoration and in 2001 realized his first wall art murals in Rome. Originally, he decided to focus on posters and stickers but, not long after, his interest shifted towards canvas painting. His […]


Born in Rome, I’ve started drawing since I was a child and what was, at first, just a game, soon became a hobby and then a job. In 2016 I won the Silent Book Contest, which allowed me to publish my first book and start my career as a freelancer. Since I’m from Rome I’ve […]


I’m an artist from Bologna. What convinced me to join in the RomaID project was, first and foremost, the chance to give my personal rendition of one of this city’s elements. This by itself is an incredible opportunity, considering how rich in art and beauty Rome is. My illustration’s main subjects are the Pantheon and […]


I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Rome, even though I’m of Chinese descent at my core I’m a true Roman. After graduating from the scientific High School I approached the world of art attending Rome Academy of Fine Arts, where I had the chance to improve my drawing skills and first came in contact […]


We are an artistic duo of twin brothers from Turin. Our illustrations are widely influenced by “pop culture” and a design inspired by stained-glass church windows, that keeps changing, creating symmetrical connections and lines of light. We have started our career by reinterpreting 80s cult movies’ icons, a choice which quickly put us under the […]


My studies brought me to Bologna and Hamburg but, as of now, I live in Genoa, where I work as a Visual Designer. I love fanzines, Comic books, Books’ illustrations, videogames, animated movies and artistic festivals. I’m currently working as an Art Director for some projects I’ve also founded, Gossypium, LÖK ZINE, Gelati Fanzine Festival […]


I’ve started drawing as a child and, since then, I’ve never stopped. Nowadays I’m an illustrator and I’ve had the pleasure of working with brands like Jeep, Puma, Warner Bros, Kinder, Disney, Sony and many others. My illustrations were published on international magazines and newspapers like Wired UK, L’Espresso, Il Sole 24 Ore and Il […]