Luca Qui
designed for ROMAID: Il Colosseo Quadrato

I’m an illustrator and a graphic designer born in Rome. I might be of Chinese origin, but I am a true Roman at heart! After graduating from High School I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where I honed my drawing skills and encountered the world of graphics for the first time: I set out on my career path blending tradition and digital art.

I love Rome, it’s the city where I was born: chaotic, magical, full of history but not without flaws too.

Everybody knows Rome and I think that all the tourists who come here should leave this city remembering something that really represents the beauty and the majesty of Rome. I decided to take part in RomaID because it offers a fresh perspective on Rome and shows its historical side in a contemporary interpretation of local artists, and is at the same time a new and interesting form of local marketing.

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