Osvaldo Casanova


designed for ROMAID: Il Colosseo

I was born in Lonigo, near Vicenza. I attended the Communication Academy in Milan. In my life, I have been lots of things: I worked as an advertising expert, graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter and vignettist. I worked, drew and painted for music, publishing, sport and advertising industry.

I have illustrated two stories, created artwork for a CD, and painted live during gigs. I also write about football and have a couple of graphic novels on my “to do” list. I have taken part in individual and collective exihibitions of painting and illustration.

I love new black felt-tips, the Clash, English beer and the Lanerossi Vincenza football team.

I’m an unusual Veneto and I love Rome and the Romans. I immediately embraced RomaID, because this project is one of a kind! Don’t forget that we are talking about the most beautiful city in the world: everyday life and history are continuously blended together, their coexistence is surprisingly effortless and it can move you deeply.

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