Polyester pillow 40 x 40 cm illustrated by Jacopo Oliveri.

Tempi di produzione 6 giorni lavorativi. Per garantire la consegna per Natale l’ordine deve essere effettuato entro e non oltre il 6 di dicembre 2021.
If you want to customize your RomaID pillow, please write to  info@romaid.it

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In this illustration I focus on one of the symbols of Piazza Navona: the fountain of the four rivers. I have carefully studied its story and I found a great connection with it: I love water and animals, and I’m fascinated by statues of mighty men: this project allowed me to work on all of these subjects. I wanted to blend the original drawing with the contemporary one adding a touch of irony and giving life and a sense of movement to the subject.