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Lucamaleonte was born in Rome in 1983, where he still currently lives and works. He graduated from the High Institute for Conservation and Restoration and in 2001 realized his first wall art murals in Rome.
Originally, he decided to focus on posters and stickers but, not long after, his interest shifted towards canvas painting. His constant strive for perfection in his stencil technique is what made of Lucamaleonte a truly unique artist, one of the few in the whole world who utilizes trays and paint to create very elaborated multi-level stencils, characterized by an overlap of numerous coloured layers.

Since 2004 he took part in more than fifty exhibitions, both solo and group ones, to name a few, The Cans Festival in London, fostered by the international guru of street art, Tristan Manco, the street art group show Scala Mercalli at Rome Auditorium, and the travelling USA exhibition Twenty Street Artists, commissioned by Green Day.
Lucamaleonte has been invited to exhibit his works everywhere in the world, from Milan to Melbourne, Adelaide, Berlin, Paris and New York.
With French art collective Stencil History X, the illustratore exhibited his pieces in all the major European cities, like London and Barcelona.
Besides being an artist himself he is also a sponsor for international street art, together with Sten and Lex he designed and curated three editions of the International Poster Art festival in Rome.

In 2010 and 2011, together with Orticanoodles, he was called to host a workshop at MART both in Trento and Rovereto.
Recently, instead, Italo-Brazilian Embassy asked him to take part in the project Mural Italia-Brazil,
for which he created various narrative murals In Salvador, Brazil (2012).
The exhibition dedicated to him by Rome Casa dell’Architettura in March 2012 was very successful.
Over the past few years he has showed his works in different museums around Europe and he is still travelling to paint narrative murals everywhere in the world.

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