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The Project

Two brothers and, with them, a group of young people, who share the same passion for marketing.
An ambitious idea, strengthening the bond between people and the places they live in, through a new innovative artistic language.

A creative use of communication which will contribute to change the visual identities of our cities, iconographically emphasizing both the suburbs and the historic centers, but also a way to create new job and training opportunities for the young illustrators involved in the project.

Roma ID multiplies and branches out the images connected to our city, to catch equally the eyes of tourists, citizens of Rome and natives of the city, and give them shape, to modernize these historic symbols and find new ones.

Roma ID is a project born from the desire to highlight Rome’s value, both that of the city and that of its citizens, which become the new main characters of this autobiographical, but choral, narrative.

Roma ID means to give shape to Rome’s contemporary identity, relying on some incredibly skilled national and international illustrators who will reinterpret, with their personal styles, the historic symbols of the city and will create its new iconography.

Roma ID’s new way of imagining territorial marketing and its related merchandising is unique in its genre, that promotes not only one symbol but a wide range of icons, each connected to one neighborhood of Rome, to one of its eras and to its citizens.
Since Rome’s identity is fluid and multifaceted many are the identities connected to its neighborhoods.
That’s why Roma ID decided to change the traditionally used perspective, to multiply it and branch it out, to better catch both the eyes of the tourists and Rome’s inhabitants.
All of this with the precise objective of modernizing Rome’s historic symbols and find new ones together.
Roma ID will, in fact, directly involve citizens in finding these new symbols identifying each neighborhood.