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RomaID is new way of imagining creative communication, it’s a project that wishes to give its contribution in emphasizing the visual value of Rome and much more.

RomaID is also a very concrete help to who, day by day, has to readjust their lives in order to get the best quality of existence possible, these are the over 300.000 people, living in Italy, who suffer from type 1 diabetes, most of them being children.

This is a relatively new topic, one on which a lot of work has to be done, in fact, many people don’t know much about it or about the difficulties of living with it. There is not a cure for diabetes, it accompanies those children in their growth and for the rest of their lives. This is a daily challenge, a daily push towards improvement which is combined with the need to rediscover and re-write their own identities.
Exactly like RomaID wishes to do with the Eternal City.

For this reason, RomaID has decided, starting from this year, to create RomaID Cares, a project that will, through different events and initiatives across the whole territory, organize a fundraising to help children suffering from this disease and their families who fight every day for a decent life, without too many sacrifices.