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priscilla fois


My name is Priscilla Fois and I’m a Motion Graphic Designer specialized in 2D Animation. Born in Rome but with the soul of a wanderer. Graphic has always been my passion, but, over time, I’ve learned to appreciate other artistic fields as well, like illustration, animation and video editing.

Illustration is something that has accompanied me for all my life; my biggest sources of inspiration are street art and mural art, while the artistic movement that I love the most is Cubism, since I’ve always been fascinated by how it manages to simplify complex shapes. For these reasons I’ve grown up with a spray can in one hand and some art history books in the other.

I’ve been working for 8 years as a Motion Designer, in particular, my journey started in the television world and later shifted to Character Animation. Over the past few years I’ve finally decided to make a big step and become a Digital Nomad! Best choice I ever made, in fact, now I can combine the passion for my job and my desire to travel the world!

I wanted to take part in the RomaID project to give my personal contribution to the city I was born in, that I left when I was really young. They challenged me to create something on Rome’s patrons, Saint Peter and Paul, it was not easy but I think I managed to give my own rendition of them, hope you like it!