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We are an artistic duo of twin brothers from Turin.
Our illustrations are widely influenced by “pop culture” and a design inspired by stained-glass church windows, that keeps changing, creating symmetrical connections and lines of light.

We have started our career by reinterpreting 80s cult movies’ icons, a choice which quickly put us under the spotlight, getting us the attention of many important brands, like ESPN, Marvel, Microsoft, Sisley, Universal and artists like Jovanotti.
Currently we are holding various exhibitions of our pieces in different cities throughout the US, Los Angeles and San Francisco to say a few.

We wanted to be part of RomaID because we think this project is really unique.
Giving a new visual identity to a city like Rome surely was entertaining, for this reason, when they asked us to be part of this project, we didn’t even stop to think about it for a minute and straight up started choosing what sculpture to use as a subject.

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