RomaID is a project designed by private citizens living in Rome with the aim of creating a new communicative and visual identity of the city. An ID that escapes commonplaces, that celebrates its multifaceted soul – from art to architecture, up to its most urban and contemporary side.

RomaID is a one-of-a-kind territorial marketing and merchandising project: it promotes a multitude of icons, each representing the peculiar identity of Rome’s districts, their history and their people, because Rome is not just a symbol, it has a fluid and multifaceted identity, as many as its districts.

RomaID changes perspectives, steers away from stereotypes to multiply points of view. Rome is not just a tourist attraction, but a city where people are born and live, whose monuments are part of their everyday life. That is what RomaID wants to do: shed a new light on Rome’s icons, show its hidden gems through different contributions from around the world.

RomaID is also a Socio-Cultural project. Donations from the income will be made to charities that help children with type 1 diabetis and their families.
RomaID will also take care of young graphic talents by organizing a series of masterclasses in graphic design held by top designers.


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